BFT Week 1 and 2 Suggested Meal Plan Shopping List

  • The Shopping List below is based on all the foods contained in the suggested weeks plan for week only. This means you will do this again for week 2. This will give you a second opportunity to practice your cooking your recipes and help prevent food wastage.
  • If you buy all food for the two weeks some foods such as meat, seafood and poultry may need to be frozen.
  • Feel free to omit recipes you dislike or follow instructions to substitute food groups in a recipe for preference of cost, availability or ethical/health beliefs. You can also choose to double up on recipes if you don’t mind eating the same thing the next day.
  • Use the Shopping list below and the recipes you plan to cook up over the next 7 days and make a list on the amounts you need to buy considering:
  1. Your portion sizes
  2. The foods your already have
  3. Any food group substitutes you have chosen in recipes (e.g. a different meat/protein or grain)
  4. What foods you may have to freeze or return to the shops later.


Ingredients: (ALL RAW WEIGHT) Amount to buy: Tick:
Chicken Breast, Skinless F:200g M: 300g
Chicken Breast, minced, lean F: 120g M: 150g
Turkey breast, minced F: 120g M: 160g
Salmon, Fillet, fresh F: 200g M:240g
Salmon – Precooked/tinned, or buy fresh and cook F: 80g M: 100g
Beef, lean, Blade or Eye Fillet, diced F: 100g M: 120g
Lamb mince, extra lean F: 140g M: 200g
Swordfish (Fish) or similar F: 150g M: 175g
Eggs F:4 M:4
Ham, shaved lean 1 slice, 20g
Tofu, Firm F: 100g M: 150g


Ingredients: Amount to buy: Tick:
Mango Fresh, or Frozen 100g
Mixed berries, Fresh or Frozen 300g
Blueberries, Fresh or Frozen 100g
Pineapple, tinned or fresh 120g
Banana 5 medium – large
Fresh lemons/lime or lemon/lime juice in bottle (preferred) 200ml
Favourite fruit for snacks 6 serves – enjoy a variety


Ingredients: Amount to Buy: Tick:
Spring Onion 1 bunch
Thai Basil leaves, fresh (optional) 1 bunch
Oregano, semi dried or dried (or fresh if prefer) 1 small container or 1 bunch
Rosemary, fresh (or dried) 1 small bunch
Parsley, fresh (optional) 1 small bunch optional
Chives, Fresh or Dried (optional) 1 small bunch
Garlic, Gourmet Gardens, Cold Blend Paste OR FRESH 50g
Ginger, Gourmet Gardens, Cold Blend Paste OR FRESH 10g
Cucumber 60g
Red Chilli, Fresh or pre-dried (Gourmet Gardens) 1 small
Cherry Tomatoes 215g
Tomato, common 4 large (1 = approx.150g)
Mushrooms (mix of button and Large size) 155g
Mushrooms, enoki (long string like) or use common 75g
Ice berg or Romaine lettuce, large cups 3 large cups
Spinach 240g
Rocket 60g
Red Onion 240g
Brown onion 130g
Capsicum, Red or Yellow 70g
Sweet Potato – Purple, Hawaiian or Orange F: 250g M:350g
Pumpkin, any 80g
Green beans 220g
Broccolini 75g
Cauliflower 155g
Broccoli 75g
Zucchini 230g
Kale 200g
Eggplant 70g
Corn (fresh, frozen or canned) 160g
Olives, kalamata, pitted 20g


Ingredients: Amount to buy: Tick:
Wholegrain Oats or ‘Five Grain Porridge (Macro) or Similar F: 310g M:375g
Wholegrain Bread (Burgens brand) or GF F: 2 slices M: 2.5 slices
Wholegrain Barley Wraps (Freedom, or ‘Be Free’ Gluten Free alternative) F: 3 M: 4
Multigrain Corn Thins 6 slices
Wholemeal Penne Pasta, (cooked weight), or Gluten Free alternative. F: M:
Wholemeal Spaghetti, (cooked weight), or GF alternative or just buy one variety e.g. Penne. F: M: (cooked weight!)
Chia seeds (black, white or mixed) 30g
Goji Berries 12g
Toasted coconut flakes (optional) 20g
Pistachio nuts or other 20g
Green Curry Paste (Valcom or similar) 20g
Light and Creamy Coconut Flavoured Evaporated milk (Nestle Carnation), canned F: 110ml M:120ml
Moroccan seasoning 1 tsp. 1 small container
Harissa spice (or use a Mexican or paprika) 1 tsp.
Sesame seeds (optional) 1 small container
4 Bean Mix – recommend small tins (125g/90g when drained) F 90: M: 150g
Lentils, brown, canned, drained F: 75g M: 90g
Tomato Paste or pizza sauce/paste F: 120g M: 150g
Soy Sauce 1 tsp.
Worcestershire sauce, bottled 10g
Oyster sauce 20g
Chickpeas, canned F: 170g M: 210g
Tinned Tuna, Greensees, “98% Fat Free Sundried Tomato and Onion” or your favourite. Drain if oil based. 1 tin
Quinoa, precooked microwave packs (recommended), or buy raw and cook. Cooked weight. F: 260g M: 350g
Black rice, precooked, microwave Pouches (Coles or similar) F: 170g M: 220g
Extra virgin Olive Oil, Bottle Buy a small bottle, you will use minimal amounts
Honey or Agave Buy a small jar/container
Vanilla Bean Extract (Queen) 3 tsp.
Cinnamon spice 1 small container
Baking Powder 1 tsp.
Bread crumbs 30g
Balsamic glaze 1 small container
Chai Tea bags,
Jarrah, 99% fat free hot chocolate powder (not sachet) Optional – supper hot chocolate
Matcha Green Tea Powder 3 tsp.
Ice, 2 cups


Ingredients: Amount to buy: Tick:
Reduced fat or Skim Milk F: 600ml M: 665ml
Vitasoy Coconut Milk or Almond Milk Beverage, unsweetened (or similar calcium fortified product with at least 120mg/100ml). *Or just use Cow’s Milk 250ml
Chobani No Fat Greek Yoghurt, 1 Large Tub + small (170g) Tubs

Or Lactose Free or Dairy Alternative (Liddell’s and Black Swan = LF, Soy Life Yogurt = DF)

Large – 290g

Small 170g tubs: 2

Ricotta Cheese, light and smooth 220g
Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese

Or Lactose free version.

Mozzarella or tasty cheese, grated, reduced fat. 15g
Feta cheese, reduced fat F:55g M: 65g
Skinny Latte or tea made with milk (purchased at cafe or made from home) Optional for snacks