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Youre only one workout away from a good mood.

Zac has just finished completing his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. He has a passion for all things health and fitness and loves being able to help people reach whatever goal they are aiming for. Zac loves that BFT provides not only awesome fun workout for clients each day, but that they are backed by the science and research so that the client knows that they will progress day in and day out.


September 9, 2020by studiopardon



When you put all excuses aside, It will always come down to how badly you want it.

 By far the most rewarding thing about working in this industry is not just is seeing people achieve their goals. But also their dedication, It inspires everyone around them in some way. The best thing about BFT is the programming. Its progressive but also can be made to suit the individual, its rare to find a program that covers strength, fitness and mobility.


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I’m in it because I like to teach people that there is FUN in being ACTIVE.”

Jess is a huge ambassador for positivity and movement to improve people’s lives. She loves seeing clients show up on the tougher days and put the work in. Jess loves how the Body Fit Training sessions change everyday. Guaranteeing clients variety in their training and the opportunity to push themselves in every session.


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We never know our full potential until we push ourselves to find it.”

Ben is a passionate trainer who wears his heart on his sleeve. His past work and training experience has led him to be a dynamic trainer who can coach in any environment but in particularly thrives in a group setting such as BFT.  Ben has a firm training approach while also understanding training is about enjoyment and will always have a laugh.


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“You are what you eat.

Sarah has five years of experience in boxing and Muay Thai training. My main reason for leaving my previous career and entering the health and fitness industry to become a PT was to lead by example to inspire my kids to do something they enjoy daily. What I love about BFT is the group training aspect, training alongside others with high energy and the excitement a group brings to class. This inspires me to push my own boundaries and limits.


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Progress is a by-product of patience and consistency.

Once a keen runner, footy and tennis player; Chris, better known as Sedsy, lives and breathes health and fitness. “I’m a big advocate for taking control of your physical and mental health. Something which I am very vocal on and passionate about helping others with.”


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Successful people get up early.

Currently studying double degree in Secondary education with Majors of Physical Education and Special Education! Her history as PT has always been group training based, “I believe acting as a team, committing to a team and belonging to a team are 3 key points of a positive training environment”. She loves to create a social training environment that motivates a team but also empowers individuals’ strengths. Christin is very passionate that life is all about inclusion for all abilities and promotes a balanced lifestyle. Train hard, challenge yourself but also reward yourself of your achievements.


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“Stimulation over annihilation – Train hard, play easy.

Hemi has been in the fitness industry for 7 years, with a background in team sports, strength & conditioning and body composition.A current strongman competitor who is excited by the challenges of his new found passion.Hemi loves BFT for the simplicity of the programming, it challenges our members but recognises their limitations at the same time.


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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Joe has been in the fitness industry for the past 2 years, with a background in Rugby League. I try to create the same energy and intensity in BFT sessions that I have experienced in my football career in the weights room. I’m big on intensity in the gym, once you’re in the door forget about any stresses in your life and nail the session. My favourite part of BFT is the scientific approach to the programming, there is specific reasoning behind everything we do.


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“Well done is better then well said.

Matt has always enjoyed keeping physically active and enjoys the challenges that training brings. The social aspect and programming behind BFT is a step above the rest. Matt loves seeing the minor improvements each week in members fitness levels. This is what keeps Matt passionate and challenges me to ensure all members that I see are reaching their full potential.