BFT Expert Trainer & Co-Founder – Cam Falloon

Everybody wants to win a gold medal but few want to train like an Olympian

Hard to hear, let’s be honest… but it’s oh so true.

Firstly, congratulations on signing up to the Body Fit Training #8WC. This is your first step towards creating a better you, and the team at your local BFT Studio are with you all the way.

As you embark on your own personal journey over the next 56 days in pursuit of your own Gold Medal, the facts and tips below will hopefully make you feel a little bit more at ease about what lies ahead. We also hope to give you some simple tools to give you every chance to make every post a winner and finish the #8WC with that Gold Medal around your neck!

Fact: Did you know that under 20% of people who actually set goals achieve them?

What a stat! My first piece of advice is to review how you have previously gone about setting your goals if you fall into the above category. What has worked and what has failed with your previous approaches? This bit easy…keep the stuff that works and re-think the strategies that have failed!

In reality, 8 weeks is not a lot of time in the big scheme of things to really commit yourself to achieving something. There are reasons you have taken the first step and whilst this is a positive it can be really easy to fall straight back off.

With any goal setting and in particular challenges like the BFT#8WC you have done a couple of things that will not necessarily sit comfortably with you. The first being, that you are acknowledging that there is one or two (or perhaps more) measurable areas of your life that have deficiencies or are just lacking in some way. Whilst most of us know this and have some form of self-evaluation in place, you have now made a statement and put a time frame on “improving” it. Much like buyer’s remorse, whilst you know you have so many positive things in your life and you know you have made the right decision, doubts can creep in now you have committed.

The second thing you have done is now add a little more stress to your life. Let’s be honest, who likes stress? Setting goals can be uncomfortable. The greater the challenge, often the more uncomfortable it feels. As per the heading to this article, to achieve something (not Olympic gold medals) we need a little stress in our lives. Too little stress or too great a stress and the results are far too often poor. But a little bit of stress, and everyone handles stress differently, and you can really achieve something special.

So, considering the 2 points above where you have now created an uncomfortable void between where you are now and where you want to be in 56 days, setting your goals needs to completed with a few key things kept in mind.

Understand the time commitment needed daily/weekly for you to achieve your goals
Set realistic goals and understand and be honest about what success looks like in 56 days’ time
To achieve your goals do you have all of the tools? Lucky for you BFT has most things covered, but do you have family/friends who are supporting you, encouraging you but also keeping you accountable?
Understand your own stress levels and the point where it becomes too much and makes you want to go the other way. Every week different challenges appear so take tie to review your progress and pivot where needed

Time: set reminders/alerts in your calendar for training, sleep, hydration. Reminders to eat something positive for your body at morning tea or the late afternoon snack at work when you are craving sugar! Reminders to get up early and get ready to train. To shop on the weekend. Everyone has a smart phone these days, so use it to help you in positive ways throughout the #8WC

Goal Setting: Imagine what it will feel like to achieve your goals? More importantly what will it feel like to not achieve your goals? Create an inspiration image or a word that you can refer to, too keep the motivation levels high for the 56 days. I love using my calendar so I set reminders for different times of the day with a key word that helps keep me on track and brings me back to my Why?

Do you have the tools? Ask your trainers, tell your friends and family you need them. Let them know your WHY so they have an understanding as to how important this is for you to achieve your goals. Get lots of support and accountability.

Controlling Stress: Lucky for you the challenge involves loads of fun exercise with like minded people in an awesome community. All of that is very good for stress! Nonetheless, as discussed above you will experience differing degrees of stress throughout the #8WC. Acknowledge that to achieve success, we need a healthy dose of Stress. Too much stress though can be detrimental so keep a check on this. Often your trainers are a great guide if you ever feel it becoming too much. Reach out to them as they are there for you and want nothing more than for you to achieve your goals and be happy.

Whatever your success, great or small over the next 56 days we wish you well and congratulations for taking the first step towards achieving your own Gold Medal.

“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” ~ Robert Heinlein, Novelist