Week 5 shopping list


Fruit: 5 apples, 1 avocado, 6 lemons

Vegetables: x2 500g bag of baby spinach, 500g rocket, 1 bunch kale, 2 punnets cherry tomatoes, 8 Brussel sprouts, 1 bunch asparagus, 3 large red capsicum, 1 brown onion, 2 red onion, 6 Lebanese cucumbers, 7 medium carrots, 100g mushrooms

Aromats and herbs: 1 punnet mint, 1 punnet parsley, garlic, 1 red chilli

Men: 6 apples


Meat and alternatives

1kg chicken breasts

Two large lamb backstrap fillet (~2x 200g)

4x 150g salmon fillets

6 eggs

Men: Large carton of eggs


Fridge items

1L Chobani plain 0.5% Greek yogurt

4 Danone yo-pro yogurts (160g)

Small tub Pilpel Hommus

1 small tub cottage cheese (250g)

1 litre milk of choice

Men: 5 Danone Yopro


Pantry items

2x 400g tin chickpeas

2x 125g tin of chickpeas

3x 95g tin tuna in oil

50g artichoke hearts in brine

1 small jar roasted capsicum (oil free, if available)

1 packet Mission wholemeal pita

1 packet Vita-Weat crackers (any)

Kellogg’s all-bran weat flakes box

Wholemeal cous cous + 1 cup beef stock (or x2 cups brown rice and quinoa blend, and x4 for men)

Additional 2 microwave cups brown rice and quinoa

4 Health lab- Game changer- salted caramel Protein ball (available at Woolworths or online)


Men: 2 packet Mission wholemeal Pitas, 5 Health lab- Game changer- salted caramel Protein balls, 4 microwave cups of brown rice/quinoa blend, 4 microwave cups of basmati/brown rice

Freezer items

500g Frozen berries

Halo top or FroPro ice cream tub (any flavour)